Second Annual Izzo Legacy Run/Walk/Roll Date Set

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The date of the second annual Izzo Legacy 5K Run Walk Roll has been officially set for Saturday, April 18, 2020. Proceeds from the 2020 Izzo Legacy Run Walk Roll will create an endowment for the Izzo Legacy Family Fund that will ensure charitable giving for years to come. In addition, participants can donate to select local charities through the registration process or on the donate page. Fans who donate $1,000 to one or more of the selected local charities will be acknowledged on the Donor Banner displayed at the Izzo Legacy Event 5K event on the campus of Michigan State University will start at the Breslin Student Events Center and finish outside of Spartan Stadium. Participants will then enter the stadium for a victory lap around the field. Visit www.IzzoRace for more information and to register.The event aims to connect Alumni, MSU, and Mid-Michigan communities in a positive celebration of Coach Izzo legacy. The event is part of the Izzo Legacy Family Fund , whose purpose is to bring people together to benefit charities that are near and dear to the Izzo Michigan has been home to Tom and me for virtually all of our adult lives, said Lupe Izzo. ur bond to our community is special and probably unique when compared to other coaches across the country. Quite frankly, it one of the reasons wee never left. Forming the Izzo Legacy gives us a chance to establish a sustainable way to give back to the MSU and Mid-Michigan Communities for years to come. We hope to be able to bring people together to form a team or, better yet, a family where we can all give back together Jordan Reid Jersey.ach 5K participant will receive a commemorative event medal, Nike t-shirt, commemorative race bib, and post race food and beverage. Even if you cannot attend in person, you can sign up for the Virtual Izzo and participate for as long of a run walk roll where-ever in the world you are and receive your commemorative shirt and medal in the mail.

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