How Do You Win a Heisman Trophy

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On Saturday night in New York City, Joe Burrow will become LSU second ever Heisman winner. It been 60 long years since Billy Cannon won LSU only Heisman award and all it took to bring number two back to Baton Rouge was maybe the greatest season in college football history. Billy Cannon 1959 season has faded, like the grainy clip below, in our collective consciousness. A season where LSU presented a dominant defense led by Cannon, a Sugar Bowl appearance and 9-2-0 record has been compartmentalized down into one play the punt return on Halloween night to beat Ole Miss.These Heisman Moments are how we create our folktales. They paint a pretty picture of an entire season of college football Soni Fonua Jersey. As we get further and further away from them, they help us stay connected to the past. Joe Burrow is the present. Every pass is still fresh in our minds from the first touchdown pass against Georgia Southern to the last one against Georgia in Atlanta. That touchdown pass against GSU, on a concept that LSU had never run in their history, set off a series of events that led the team to the national semifinals and Joe Burrow to the Heisman trophy. Right now, it hard to tell the story of Joe 2019 season in just one play. There were countless Heisman moments from a player that not only broke LSU records, not only broke SEC records, but broke national records. Ie whittled my list of moments down to 5 plays that I felt tell the story of Joe Burrow incredible season. From the pocket movement to the accuracy to the total grasp of the offense Derek Stingley Jr. Jersey, these 5 plays show everything you need to know about Joe Burrow magical 2019 season.3rd 17As it turns out, Texas was not ack after beating Georgia in the Sugar Bowl to end the 2018 season, but we were not to know that at the time when LSU marched into Austin for college football biggest out of conference game of the season Up and down the field both offenses went until LSU found themselves in a third and very long, up six points late in the 4th quarter. A punt would give the ball back to a Texas team that hadn been stopped in the 2nd half of the game. Not ideal. When Coach O took over as LSU head coach, in his introductory press conference, he talked about moving LSU to a fully spread offense. Year one saw Matt Canada very non-spread offense and year two saw Steve Ensminger continue the LSU tradition of trying to bludgeon people to death so finally in year three Damien Lewis Jersey, O went out and procured Joe Brady from the New Orleans Saints to finally give LSU a real modern identity on offense. This Third and 17 was a tipping point. Would LSU turtle, like it always had, run the ball, punt and play defense or would they take a chance, throw the football and try to pick up a first down What the Tigers ended up getting was much more than a 1st down.

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