Softening Resin Made in China

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Our History
Guangzhou Chuanlan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 with a registered capital of 2 million yuan. It is a water treatment technology research and development, engineering design, ultra-pure water equipment, industrial reverse osmosis equipment, deionized water equipment, softened water equipment, sewage treatment. The company is a large-scale modern enterprise integrating production, sales and service. The company strictly follows the requirements of ISO9001-2008 national quality management system standards, with the mission of energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection,continuously carries out technological innovation, enhances the technological content of products, and successfully developed An international standard of water treatment products.
Our Product
1.Sewage treatment equipment series: sewage, wastewater integrated equipment, recycling equipment, landscape water treatment equipment;
2. Industrial water treatment series: reverse osmosis pure water equipment, ion exchange equipment, EDI equipment, softened water equipment;
3. Drinking water purification series: home (business) with water purifiers, pure water machines, water softeners, automatic water vending machines, public drinking water equipment;
4. River (well) water treatment equipment: iron and manganese removal equipment, multi-media filter, mechanical filter;
5. Water plant equipment series: pure water equipment, mineral water equipment, filling equipment, bottle (barrel) water production line, water plant supporting equipment;
6.Water treatment accessories series: all kinds of membrane components, precision filters, filter tanks, sterilization equipment, etc.;
7.The exhaust gas treatment equipment series: organic waste gas treatment, acid and alkali waste gas treatment, dust treatment and other equipment.
Product Application
1. Direct drinking water systems for families, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, communities, and factories;
2. Pure water required for the food and beverage industry (including alcohol);
3. Pure water and high purity water required by the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and fine chemical industries;
4. Fire-powered boilers, softened water and demineralized pure water required for medium and low-pressure boiler feed water in factories and mines;
5. Seawater and brackish water to produce domestic water and drinking water;
6. the electroplating process uses deionized water, pure water of the battery production process;
7. Pure water and high purity water required for processes in the electronics industry, such as picture tubes, liquid crystal displays, circuit boards, integrated circuit chips, and monocrystalline silicon semiconductors;
8. Sewage treatment and reuse of schools, hospitals, restaurants and factories.Softening Resin Made in China

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