Customized Bird's Nest Swing Set

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KIWI was founded in Qiaoxia Town of Wenzhou which is well known as “The Capital of Playground Equipment in CHINA” in 2010 with a mission to share the High Quality Playground Equipment Made in China with the kids all over the world. As a global professional playground equipment manufacturer, Kiwi has a experienced and mature production process from designing, manufacturing, installation, testing, packaging, delivery and after-sales service.
We supplies Outdoor Playgrounds, Outdoor Fitness Equipment, Indoor Playgrounds, Indoor Trampoline Park, Climbing Structure, Swing Set, Spring Rider, Seesaw, Merry Go Round and all other play equipments for children. Our play products have been becoming good solutions to many playgrounds, like Parks & Recreation Playgrounds, Amusement Park, School & Preschool Playgrounds, Kindergarten, Daycare Playgrounds, Landscape Architects, Theme Park, Residential Apartment Communities, Urban Playgrounds, Church Playgrounds, Community Centers, Kids Entertainment Centers, Housing Authorities, Shopping Malls, Supermarket, Restaurants and any other places that are suitable for children to play. We are selling products to both domestic and overseas market.
As a children products manufacturer, safety is the first important standard we comply with. So all our products are made of nonpoisonous and environmental raw materials tested by SGS, have met the safety standards for playgrounds of CE, EN1176, TUV, ASTM, ISO9001, ISO14001, CHSAS18001 etc. We pay more attentions to our play products because we know there is nothing could afford kids’ safe.
For now our company has Rotational-Mould workshop, Welding workshop, Sand Blasting & Spray-Paint workshop, Woodworking workshop, Sewing workshop, Installation workshop, Packing workshop, each workshop does their professional jobs and communicate with each other to make sure the final products’ integrality and safety.
We not only provide the best playgrounds, but also the best service. From budget constraints to limited space, we can as your unique needs design the affordable playgrounds that's right for you. Please contact us if you want to build your own playground, our professional sales will turn your idea into real product based on your budget, space size or activity.
Welcome to join us creating innovative, safe, durable, inclusive playground equipment for our kids at KiwiPlay!Customized Bird's Nest Swing Set

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