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Slliding door heavy duty track
Product description
Color Name:Black
Sliding barn doors are exploding in  popularity, and for good reason— they’re a great way give your home a rustic feel without sacrificing  style. This sliding barn door hardware is just what you need try out the trend!
Quiet & Smooth
Get rid of squeaky doors once and for all.  Thanks to its high-quality steel track and premium nylon rollers, this sliding  barn door kit is quiet as a whisper. You’ll enjoy smooth sliding without annoying noise.
Tough as Nails
Don’t settle for a cheap barn door kit. This hardware is built to last!  The 2 x 3.3ft sliding track supports doors up to 270lbs, and can be opened and  closed an incredible 100,000 times without issue. It’s also fireproof, waterproof, rustproof, and perfect for outdoor  use.
Premium Materials
You deserve the best. That’s why this sliding barn door hardware is crafted from  top-of-the-line materials! The durable steel is strong, and the frosted black  coating provides an eye-catching finish. Installation is easy— thanks to the predrilled holes and detailed manual, you’ll be able to install your door in a flash.
Package Contents
2x 3.3ft Rail
5x Sleeve For Rail
5x Screw For Rail
5x Screw Nut For Rail
5x Sleeve Anchor For Rail
2x Roller
4x Screw For Roller
4x Screw Nut For Roller
8x Gasket For Roller
2x Door Stopper
2x Anti-Jump Discs
2x Screw For Anti-Jump Discs
1x Floor Guide
2x Screw For Floor Guide
2x Sleeve Anchor For Floor Guide
1x Spirit Level
1x Hexagon Wrench
1x User Manual
Q: Is there a key contact at Moran Hardware?
A: You can contact us at 0086-573-83875909. Skype: niuniuheyanyan1 Wechat: 86-15824360745
Q: What is your main products?
A: Our main products are sliding barn door hardware,barn door pulls, lever door handle.
Q: Can you please ship the goods to our warehouse?
A: Yes, we can.
Q: Are you accept OEM or ODM of stainless steel barn door hardware?
A: Yes, OEM and ODM are available.
Q: Which stainless steel barn door hardware is hot-saling products?
A: 36" track and 72" track, top mount setGlass Interior Door Hardware manufacturers

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