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Brand Name: DONHN
Item Name :Dongsheng enhanced version of Intelligent repairing electric bicycle 64V14AH high-end battery charger
Model Number:64V14AH
Place of Origin :Anhui, China (Mainland)
Use:  For 60V14AH battery
size:  15.6*8.5*5.5 mm(To prevail in kind)
Output Voltage:74V-79V
Output Current:1.8A ±0.2A
Input Voltage:220V~50HZ
Input power:160w MAX
Certificate:CE, CCC and CAS certification
Automatic shutdown: Pulse timing----After the full power to turn green, 10 minutes turn off
Operating Temperature:-20~40℃
Storage Temperature:20-85℃
Implementation of standard: T/TCDZ0001-2016
suit for:lead-acid battery
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: 30、40、50 pcs/ctn(Depend on the customer's request)
Carton size:  60.5*43.5*33mm  67.5*46*33.5mm   72.5*46.5*37.5mm  76.5*47.5*38mm  etc
Delivery Detail: Depending on the customer's request
Item nameDongsheng enhanced version of Intelligent repairing electric bicycle 64V14AH    high-end battery charger
Size(mm)15.6*8.5*5.5 mm(To prevail in kind)
Connector dimensionOptional output connector: 3-port Inline,    3-pin XLR, Alligator clip, 3-port House, Coaxial etc
Special plug:  4-pin XLR, 2-port Inline, 3-pin    House,Polarized, 3-port House for Panterra and Grio, Polarized C7 etc.
ProtectionIntelligent timing protection , Automatic temperature    compensation,
Short circuit    protection, over current protection, over voltage protection
Suit forlead-acid battery
Dongsheng enhanced version of Intelligent repairing electric bicycle 64V14AH high-end battery charger has designed highly reliable and meet international safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements.
A:Input Characteristics:
Input Voltage:  98~245V AC 50/60Hz
Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
B:Output Characteristics:
Output Current:  1.8A±0.2A     
Output Voltage (CV mode ):  220 V
Output Power:  160W MAX
Rated Voltage: The electric bicycle battery 64V14AH charger rated output voltage is specified at  64 V
Voltage Range: The electric bicycle battery 64V14AH charger output voltage will be performed  0 V when the load is 0A
C:Use status indication:
StatusLED Indication
ChargeringGreen and Red light
After    chargerGreen light
After 10 minutesNo    light
D:Test   for The electric bicycle battery 64V14AH  high-end battery charger
1.Material pre - storage inspection: Anti-flame retardant test, Anti-weight test,Each device test etc.
2.Full load aging test:  semi-finished product and finished products must be aging test.
3.Debug parameter test.
4.Drop Height test: 760mm Three*faces (once on each plane)
5.Packaging test : Check whether the package is intact and Anti-weight test.
E:Protection for The e-bicycle battery 64V14AH charger
Over Voltage Protection: The power supply will be auto recovered when faults remove
Over Current Protection: Maximum constant current of not greater than Scheduled maximum , the power shall be auto-recovery
Short Circuit Protection:The electric bicycle battery 64V14AH lead-acid charger Output can be shorted without damage No odor, smoke, fire, plastic deformation, and excessive heal happen. The power shall be auto-recovery. (It will enter into normal condition when then the fault condition is removed)
Optional batter charger output plug (customizable)
1. 2-port inline
2. 3-port inline
3. 4-port inline
4. 3-pin XLR
5. 4-pinXLR
6. Alligator clip
7. 3-port house
8. 3-port house for panterra and gio
9. 3-pin house
10. Andera on 30A
11. Amders on 50A
12. Coaxial
13. RCA
14. Polarized
15. Polarized c7
Optional battery charger input plug (customizable)
6.United kingdom
7.South africa
1.The charger is only applicable for lead-acid battery (quantity and rated capacity should be referred to the mark of the outer shell of charger)
2.Do not charge the nonchargeable battery.
3.It is used indoor to prevent from the rain. During the charging, the charger is forbidden to cover and it must with good ventilation environment. It is forbidden to use charger in electric vehicle to prevent from fire disaster made by fire, sparks and explosive gas.
4.The wire must be changed by manufacture or the staff of maintenance to get rid of danger.
5.The power supply should be cut off before the connecting or disconnecting of the charger and battery.
6.Do not disassemble or replace the internal parts of the charger.
7.Do not charge in a sealed space or high temperature environment, the charger should not be placed in the saddle or trunk.
8.When the green light should be cut off the power in time , prohibit the case of no charge, a long time the charger no load on the AC power supply.
9.In the charging process, if the indicator light is abnormal, there is odor or charger shell overheating, should immediately stop charging, then the charger for repair or replacement.
Reminder: After the end of the charge must cut off the 220v power supply, 30 seconds after thecharger can be recharged.China Electric Bicycle Conventional Charger factory

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