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modern barn door hardware
Premium quality parts are provided along with the a completely turnkey experience. The result is the only 5-star kit among the competition. Our hardware kits are installed in thousands of homes nationwide, so we know the details our customers want and need to know for their project to go smoothly.
8-Foot Rail: A single rail includes six pre-drilled holes every 16" on center. Holes begin 8" on center from each end of the rail. Rail is constructed of solid 1/4" thick steel, finished with our highly durable powder coating. This gets baked onto the steel at 400 degrees and creates the strongest bond possible.
Rail Hardware: Six lag bolts (of the highest grade available) with washers and six rail spacers attach the rail securely to the studs, or header board, for supporting up to 225 pounds comfortably.
2 Hangers: These hangers are built with our premium nylon wheels, which are often an expensive upgrade at other shops. We made these the standard wheel for all our kits, and have tested our finished hangers beyond 100,000 rolls. Two different sets of bolts for attaching hangers to the door are included in order to accommodate doors ranging from 1 1/4" to 1 3/4" thick.
2 Door Stoppers: Two door stoppers slide along the rail and tighten down at any point to stop your door exactly where you want, and they’re cushioned by rubber caps for a quiet close.
Floor Guide: A T-shaped floor guide is supplied (with anchors) to prevent the door from swinging out or up against the baseboard.
We include these detailed measurements and installation tips in our step-by-step video tutorial and written instructions. In addition, our experienced U.S. based professionals, who have actually installed our kits, are happy to help on topics ranging from the planning to installation of your project.
Q: How about the after-sale service?
A: We offer 5 years warranty.
Q: Can i order some sample?
A: Yes, sure. Sample order is welcome.
Q: Can you also supply barn door slab?
A: Yes, we also supply barn door slab.
Q: Which stainless steel barn door hardware is hot-saling products?
A: Model Top mount and 96" Track
Q: How long has Moran Hardware in Business?
A: Moran Hardware has been in business for approximately 10 years.Barn Door Hardware suppliers

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