Maritime VSAT Antenna system

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In the complex marine environment, weather, sea conditions, temperature, humidity, salt spray, the relative position for antenna and the satellite will make the VSAT communication more difficult. The marine on the move antenna is designed for such harsh environment.
The antenna takes a series of brand new technology and solutions such as innovate four axis tracking structures, conical scan peak tracking technology, narrow bandwidth satellite beacon identify technology, high accuracy GNSS/INS fusion attitude course measurement technology, flexible antenna remote monitoring technology, cross sea seamless auto satellite bandwidth switch technology, 100Hz ship attitude, navigator data real time output, and high transparent wave radome.
1)Automatically collect and output carrier position and attitude information
       2)Storage of more than 10 satellite position parameter
       3)Terminal One-key start, antenna tracking the satellite automatically
       4)Polarization direction automatically adjust
       5)Power-down memory and protection
       6)Device detection and status checking
       7)Power-on self test and fault alarming
Container vessel, dry bulk vessel, cruise ships, LPG/LNG, chemical vessel, multi-purpose ship, roll-on ship, oil tanker, Marine engineering vessel.
Stabilization3 axis stable and 4 axis   tracking
(Diameter×Height) 2800mm×2820mm
Weight 350kg
Frequency   Range RX:10.70~12.75GHz
TypeRing focus
Cross pollsolation≥30dB
Tracking   Accuracy 0.2°RMS

Carrier Motion RangeRoll:-30°~30°,period 10s
Pitch:-30°~30°,period 10s

Antenna Motion RangeAzimuth:360°continuous rotation
Roll: -30°~30°
Polarization: 0°~270°
Initial Acquisition time≤120s

Re-acquisition timeblock time≤60s,acquisition   immediately;
60s<block time≤10min,acquisition<15s;
block time>10min,acquisition<60s;
Tracking modeINS measurement and signal   tracking
Input   PowerAC220V 50Hz standard   power consumption 250W
(BUC excluded)
Operating   Temperature -20℃~60℃ Maritime VSAT Antenna system

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