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Factory Price Best Selling Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine Applicator for Plastic Bottles
Machines Brief Introduction:
Applicable to the circumference of the round object and high precision are(double standard) and the fixed point and position on the back label
can also meet with paper product labeling requirements  for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other industries.
Machines Characteristics:
1. The advanced affinity man-machine interface system, easy operation, complete function, has the rich online help function
2.Unique bottle at three-point position, avoid to linear labeling machine labeling bottle is irregular, and the bottle is not caused by the error of vertical labeling skew, then it let labeling more accurate, beautiful, caresses
3.Automatic photoelectric detection, it has the function that nothing come from conveyor and no stick label and without label automatic correction or alarm automatic detection function, prevent leakage and waste
Machines Photos:
Product Sample Show:
Technical Specifications:
Height of Label
Width of Label
Adhesive  paper label
Width of Conveyor Belt
Length of Conveyor Belt
Labeling Precision
Labeling Speed
0-130 bottles/min (It depends on the size of products and label)
Overall SizeL1800mm×W900mm×H1450mm
Package Size2200*1100*1650mm  
Voltage & Power220V  50-60Hz;Single Phase  1.0KW
WeightG.W  200KGS, N.W 150KGS
Equipment Parts List
PLC Control
Labeling Motor
Labeling Motor Sensor
Measured Photoelectric Sensor
Label Photoelectric Sensor
France Schneider
Touch Screen
Conveyor Motor
Taiwan Wan Xin
Conveyor Motor Gear Box
Taiwan Wan Xin
Material of Frame
Aluminum Alloy
Anodic Sandblastin
Package & Delivery
Reliable Customized Products
Reliable Service:
Before Sales
1.Anser your any question on us within 24 hours.
2.Supply all information you required.
3.Machines video for reference
4.Welcome to visit factory
On Sales
1.Update production progress each week
2.Sending machines pictures on production
3.Machines testing running over 8 hours, and sending testing videos
After Sales arranged to install machines
2.Sapre Parts proviced
3.After sales hotline: 0086-512-58550068
Welcome to Email to Zhangjiagang Reliable Machinery Co.,LtdChina Plastic Bottle Labeling Machine suppliers

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